Come and Join us

Don't save your best performances for the shower! 

Singing together is a joy and we love to welcome new members -  particularly if you sing Tenor or Bass!!   Don't worry about being out of practice, not being able to read music - you will probably be familiar with quite a lot of our repertoire and will soon pick up unfamiliar pieces.  Check out the FAQ's below:

What if I can't read sheet music?

Simple answer is no problem!!  If you do, that's fine as we sing from sheet music, but ALL parts are rehearsed individual at rehearsals and they are also recorded and distributed via email so that you can listen and practise at home.

Do I have to audition?

No, you won't!  Just let us know either by completing the form below or contacting us by email or phone, and come along to rehearsal.  Fundamentally we love singing and are always happy to share the joy!

What sort of music do you sing?

Our repertoire is very broad and covers a range of genres - there's something there for everyone!

We rehearse on a Wednesday evening from 7:00  pm - 9:00 pm at Staunton School.   If you'd like to come and give it a try, or would like more information, please either complete the form below, email us or call 07800 919133.